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Those solicitors who have been working to make their clients happy have been given a clear warning by the regulators. A tough legal action will be taken for those freelance solicitors representing all the questionable companies. The Solicitors Regulation Authority put a warning and gave a reminder to petitioners reminding them to completely adhere to the obligations the institute set during litigation.

Some of the things which are done contrary to the obligation of Solicitors Regulation Authority by some of the petitioners, including solicitors in Skelmersdale, who are intending to make their clients happy are non-disclosure agreement, sexual abuse, harassment, and discrimination.

The organization has also told them that it is their duty to work with integrity and as per the rule of law. The chief executive officer of Solicitors Regulation Authority went forward and revealed that it is the responsibility of petitioners to ensure that clients are safeguarded and not stressed. They should ensure that they don’t misconduct their clients.

The petitioners who will be found going against the set obligation and abusive the litigation processes with evidence provided they will face the law. Currently, the solicitor regulation authority has been receiving about one thousand three hundred and fifty cases of solicitors working without integrity from January to September 2018.

43% of the cases reported were about the increased amount of money laundering, this is a very big increase as compared to the 2017 report. Fifty percent of the cases were about email modification fraud. This actually includes convincing transactions in the name of the big companies. This shows that criminals are trying to get wiser than the authority and they are yet to reach their goal of soliciting a large number of people.

The law clearly states that companies are responsible for controlling the domain name, this is supposed to happen when firms merge, change brand or close completely so as criminal should not register using the names of the companies which have closed down. Further, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has confirmed that the freelance solicitors who don’t follow regulations or who don’t work with the regulated firm, it will not be necessary for them to meet minimum levels of insurance coverage.

The Solicitor Regulation Authority has extended the period of the freelance solicitors who are willing to work with reserved legal services without authorization as the sole practitioner to three years. The SRA is then to allow freelance solicitors through their own name to hold a limited amount of money from clients with the consent of the client and also the client should be informed where and the purpose of holding the money.

The SRA also said that freelance solicitors should have indemnity cover and if they don’t have they should explain to their clients that they are covered by insurance. The Solicitor Regulation Authority has opened communication zones with freelance clients who would like to avail and report any complaints from freelance practitioners. In case of anything affecting payments of clients, the clients will be receiving compensation funds from their freelance practitioners. This is as per the new law set up by the solicitor regulation authority.

The SRA is really working to ensure that freelance solicitors neglecting the operation obligations are eliminated from the market this will ensure the safety of clients and reduce the art of taking advantage of client’s weaknesses and doing what is not right to them. This should come to a dead end.

Teenage bell ringer brings personal injury claim against local Church

Personal Injury Law

Steven Tomsett a teenager aged 18 years thought that he could have died when he was fell approximately 20ft in the air in during practice at their church. Unfortunately, Steven Tomsett fell down to the ground and unfortunately the boy broke his ankle when the wooden stay which usually holds the bell upright position broke thus sending him catapulting in the ceiling. Steven Tomsett had no option but to just let go the rope and he dropped 20ft in the ground. He was left in great pain for almost an hour later because he had to be lifted to safety by the firefighters Hellen’s church, Abingdon.

Steven Tomsett who was a trainee engineer further suffered an injury in the right leg ligaments and also on his lower back. Tomsett from Wantage in Oxfordshire says that he was suddenly pulled in the air and what he could remember was seeing everyone looking up at him and he fell down, he says it was so terrifying incidence and he thought for sure that he was going to die.

Tomsett further says the pain was so great and unbearable, that the language he used at that instance maybe wasn’t favourable one to be used in the church situation. Tomsett further said that the firefighters could not be able to get the stretcher down the stairs so he had to be winched down approximately 40ft to the floor.

Steven Tomsett has now decided to take contact a solicitors personal injury service in order to take legal action against the church seeking to be compensated after the incidence left him injured and caused him great pain. He also claimed that his teacher neglected his duty to supervise him since he was on the phone when the incidence happened.

Steven Tomsett claims that he was now forced to quit his job as swimming instructor since he couldn’t be able to stand for a long time. He also claims that his job as a trainee engineer has become a headache since he has to struggle on the daily basis because this job is his passion and also adds that he has to further struggle with his voluntary work on working on the steam engine since standing for a long period.

The teenager claims that he is taking legal action against the church since the whole incidence could have been avoided could the church bell had been maintained well and this has caused him great pain and also has made him lose his job, he alleges that the church said what happened was his fault and that doesn’t sound right.

Hina Modha a specialist in personal injuries argues that Steven suffered great injuries and this has made him struggle on daily basis and the church should compensate him since it was their duty to ensure that building should have been well maintained to avoid incidents like this.

Manchester legal firm adds industrial disease and medical negligence to its services

Medical Negligence Solicitors

Following the acquisition of Roberts Jackson by AWH Solicitors, the Manchester-based legal firm has roped in two more services- Industrial Diseases and Medical Negligence. Till date, Roberts Jackson was counted among the leading specialists in Industrial Diseases in England. However, due to administrative failures and fund crunch, the law firm went on to be acquired by AWH.

Prior to the acquisition, AWH Solicitors dealt with Employment Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Housing Disrepair, Conveyance, HPI Claims, and Personal Injury. After addition of the two new services, the organisation is eyeing for further expansion. Important dignitaries and spokesperson from both the organisations have confirmed the acquisition. They are also open to new faces in the company’s management. Key people are aiming at joining hands to work together and serve better.

By expanding its service bouquet, AWH Solicitors is also hoping for a broader market in the country. It is expected that the organisation will enhance its reach and bring more people within its business domain. With renewed effort and new services, it is willing to promote its name across Manchester, and more specifically, the Greater Manchester region.

According to a statement issued by Andrews Hosking, a key person of the primitive legal organisation; Roberts Jacksons was faced with tremendous financial difficulties. This, along with higher cost of funding case files, took a huge toll on the financial health of the organisation. Amidst such circumstances, the firm cannot sustain under current terms.

To smoothen the acquisition procedure and make public aware about it, Roberts Jackson himself took to Twitter. In a pleasant tweet, he gave lots of encouragement on the future courses of action in the organisation. He also stood by AWH Solicitors. The acquisition assumes greater significance given the increasing number of Industrial Disease as well as Medical Negligence cases across the nation. Commoners are also on the toes about ground-level changes which may affect their individual accounts. They need more clarity on transferring of account, administration and access to legal services in this phase. AWH Solicitors and their team of medical negligence solicitors also aware of their upcoming responsibilities.

In all probability, they will take quick measures to clear confusions and become ready for service. In the field of Medical Negligence, AWH Solicitors will welcome client claims for these areas- Delayed Treatments, Incorrect Diagnosis, Improper Treatment and Medication, Symptoms Ignorance, Wrongly Executed Surgeries, and Dentistry Faults.

Claims related to Industrial Diseases will include Asbestos-related illness, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Loss of Hearing, and Exposure to Hazardous Substances. Clients will be given access to specialists dealing with this field. Such specialists will be the ones possessing extensive knowledge about illness, wounds and diseases related to work environment.

The list of claims in both the fields is not limited. It is likely to grow longer once AWH Solicitors start dealing with it. Addition of any new service will be tackled by AWH and will soon be reflected in the firm’s website. The aim is now to continue serving clients in a hassle-free manner. Keeping their rights and interests supreme, the law industry in Manchester is set to undergo a massive transformation. From officials to general public, everyone must hold their breath to see how things work in the near future.


Are the new visa rules in the UAE impacting ex-pat divorcees?

Divorce Family Law

Concerns about new visa rules that changed from 21 October 2018 and their impact on expatriate divorces residing in the UAE are coming up. It is estimated to be 7.5 million ex-pats live in UAE and divorce rates are considerably high in these communities. So, it makes sense to wonder if the new visa rules affect these divorcees.

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, UAE explains that the changes are aimed at giving women the opportunity to adjust their status, socially and economically after losing the head of the family – which can happen after a divorce. Solicitors in the UK dealing with family law may be required. The new visa rules that affect divorce in UAE are:

– As of 21 October 2018, divorcees in the Emirates are eligible for a one-year extension of a residency visa their own name from the date of divorce

– Children living in the UAE at the time of the divorce also become dependents on the mother’s visa (They will no longer be tied to the other parent’s sponsorship visa)

You might need divorce solicitor Manchester‌  specialists to explain this to you if you are in the North West region of England. There are UAE cases that have reached family law specialists in the UK where one spouse with the sponsorship Visa for work commonly controls the visa status of the whole family. It causes an imbalance of power to the holder of the sponsored visa for the expatriates in the UAE

Since such power over the residency and right for the spouse to remain in Emirates brings some of the most tragic and unjust areas in the practice of family lawyers, it would be natural to assume the new visa rules do have an impact on divorcees, including the divorced expatriates.

Spouses have suffered unfair financial negotiations when the other party use their strength of a sponsored visa as leverage in a divorce. In the UAE it is common for the husband to be the holder of the sponsored visa and if a divorce occurs, they would be forced to remain behind with their fathers and be separated from their mothers, should they leave UAE. The new rules, certainly change the situation. Children become dependents on their mothers who have a one-year of residency visa from the date of divorce.

For those with relatives or friends are in the UAE with concerns about divorce and the impacts a divorce would bring in the foreign country, refer them to the excellent divorce solicitor Manchester‌ experts for specialist family law guidance, covering divorce, children and financial issues as well as what the new UAE visa rules might mean for them.